Friday, 27 June 2014

My College Life ! : PART 1 // Semester 1 // 2013

 Hello people ! So, guess what ? Hm i'm going to share some photos. AGAIN. Yes again . Yeah before this I've posted my photos of me and my friends in MRSM. This time, I wanna show you photos of me with my new people. 2011 dah. 2012 pun dah. So now is the time for sharing moments in 2013 ! Well it's all about my college life. You should have known that I'm taking Diploma in Accountancy at Kolej Profesional Mara Beranang, Selangor. I registered at this college as a new student in January, 2013. Even though at first I was really facing a big problem to make decision. But at last I really came here. Thank God. 

This was the first time I took their photo ^^
My new friends
Rachael . Fatin

So this is my batchmates. 
It was Hi-Tea after the SPM results

Dinner of DIA 

Tiqa. Amel. Alia. Sher

Syapek . muahaha

This is memory of us :)
Pls dont forget till your last breath


Thankyou very much for those who read and watch ^^