Tuesday, 27 May 2014

When I was 17 .

Well, before this I've posted some of my photos when I was in Form 4. Now, I wanna share photos of mine when I was Form 5 pulak doh. 

 Girlfriends :)

Ainn Ismail
I freaking love her !

My girls are all beautiful, right ? :D

My classmates 

5D * 5 Gamma *

5C * 5 Cigma *

Look at me ! The girl in pink . 

Students Inspiring Students Programme
Cun dan handsome handsome ah faci kami

My beautiful girls 

My girlfriends yg agak gila-gila nakal nakal but sweet :)

Because you're so beautiful , girls

Well, I'm flexible in making friends ! U.U

Meet my homeroom / H 

Geng berbaju putih

uuuuu ramainya !

Graduation !

Hye Ammar si cermin mata berbaju biru ^^

Ah Ammar was supposed to sit next to me !! ^^

The end of my secondary school story .
Thanks for wasting your time watching my stupid photossss ^^