Saturday, 5 July 2014

My College Life ! : PART 3 // Semester 3 // 2014

So, this year I'm 19 !
Im now on my semester break. Just finished my third semester here.
You know what, this semester has been so great for me even there was too much pressure.
Yes just like usual, I kept enjoying myself and playing around for months.
So far, my final exam result for this semester em yes great ! It's just unbelievable ! Haa let miracle happens again for next semester !
I hope you dont mind me sharing photos again. 

These are Hisyam and Ayie


Had dinner together 

Spent the whole night together at Putrajaya

Then we went on a trip to Port Dickson

Ancasa Allsuites Resort

Teluk Kemang Beach

BBQ Night !

I'm so glad we're classmates :) 
Hope to be with you again.


Friends :)

Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik (MAKA)

Me and my plaques :D

DIA Night 2014

BBQ Night with batchmates


This one, Ayie edited it and sent it to me HAHA

Me and Ama took a break after the Account final paper :)

So below was my roommates for Semester 3

Yg dua orang belakang tiada kena mengena watak tambahan semata mata ^^

Keadaan bilik ketika Felo datang menjenguk 

I Love You guys :)
Thanks for the sweet moments we have shared together